Unleash your creativity at Ground Level

Ground Level Studios by Adam Grubb Media is a revolutionary members-only space for small to mid-size businesses, influencers, and entrepreneurs to create high-quality content. Our unique studio and expert team provide everything needed to bring your creative vision and content to life.

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  • Monthly Content
  • Shot and Edited for You
  • Dedicated Studio Time
  • Professional and Fun
  • Custom Set Ups
  • Dedicated Producer
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What Can You Create at Ground Level?

Instructional Videos and Tutorials

We offer a full-service solution for creating high-quality instructional videos and tutorials.

Explainer Videos

Ground Level is a full-service solution if you're looking to explain a concept, product, or service, we can help you create an explainer video that will captivate and inform your audience.

Training Videos

Ground Level offers a full-service solution for creating high-quality training videos if you're looking to teach new skills or procedures for your clients, employees, or new hires.

Live Streams & Webinars

Ground Level offers a full-service solution for creating professional live streams and webinars.  Perfect for hosting a conference, workshop, or product demonstration. *PREMIUM MEMBERS ONLY

Podcast Recording & Editing

Want your own podcast? We will handle the setup of the podcast sets and equipment, and provide expert recording and editing for your show.  *PRO & PREMIUM MEMBERS ONLY

Interactive Workshops

AGM will facilitate interactive media/content workshops, learning sessions, and exclusive events at Ground Level. *ALL MEMBERS WELCOME

Your Personal Brand Starts at Ground Level

Influencers can utilize Ground Level Studios to build their personal brand and sell products by creating high-quality content that showcases their expertise and personalities.

Our team of experts can help influencers develop and produce engaging videos, podcasts, and other forms of content that will grab the attention of their audience and drive engagement.

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$199per month*
  • Dedicated Producer
  • 1 hour of studio time in Ground Level
  • Creative feedback during your session
  • 2 shot and edited micro social videos (up to 60 sec)
  • * 6-Month Minimum


$699per month*
  • Dedicated Producer
  • 2 hours of studio time in Ground Level
  • Creative Expertise during your session
  • 8 videos per month (combo of reels, micro)
  • PLUS 12 curated B-roll clips for even more content to use on social
  • Option to convert deliverables to 2 full videos (2-3 mins) + 2 micro social videos.
  • Access to exclusive Adam Grubb Media Learning Lab events
  • One Time Brand Discovery Session PLUS Mini Brand Messaging Guide ($1500 value)
  • PLUS: Quarterly Brand check- in
  • UNLOCKED: Member Access to Open Studio Times (Come create on your own and get exclusive access to a GLS team member for tips!)
  • * 6-Month Minimum

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